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Theme: “The Personal IS Political.”

While a portion of the liberation fight has existed in academia, commitments by those living beyond this particular institution have worked both independently and alongside scholars to pave the way for the navigation of a variety of CrookedRooms. When it’s all said and done, academia isn’t the only place you’ll find truths (and damaging misperceptions) tied to the systemic struggles we all face as self-identifying Black girls, womxn, gender non-conforming, and gender-fluid folx existing in a colonized world. As a result of our Intersectionalities, specifically related to race and gender, when we’re asked to detach who we are from the goals and priorities established by those in power, we often times find it difficult—if not impossible—to remove the potential impact on ourselves and our communities from our line of thinking, consideration, and action. This year’s CrookedRoom Conference is committed to exploring what this unique thinking, consideration, and action looks like, and the ways by which we interpret, experience, and subsequently navigate a multitude of institutional spaces that seek to muddle, confuse, and disregard our politics and life-impacting priorities.

In light of both our collective and individual realities navigating oppression in institutional spaces, this year’s conference is seeking responses to the following questions:

  • In spite of oppression brought on by society’s response to our intersecting identities, how do we manage to thrive for ourselves and our people?

  • How do we uniquely interpret and engage the roadblocks we encounter?

  • How do we collaborate, both amongst one another and with the powers that be, to ensure liberation for us all?

  • Going forward, what are our demands; and by what means do we intend to have those demands met?

  • In what ways do (can) we experience privilege, and how is (can) that privilege (be) used both for individual and communal progress?

***Need Clarification on some of the Call terminology? Check out the Important Definitions section.