Sharon Jenkins Smith

Sharon Jenkins Smith Pic.jpg

Sharon Jenkins Smith is fond of saying she is a “family woman”. Sharon has staked her own claim to this moniker because though the phrase “family man” is a thing, no one refers to a woman as a “family woman” even though it is women who typically take on the lion’s share of the responsibility for their families. Sharon believes the greatest contribution she will ever make to the world is the family she and her husband have built together. The mother of six children who came to be hers via good old-fashioned biology (2 sons), marriage (2 sons), and adoption (2 daughters), Sharon and her husband have also been parents to six additional children through the beauty of Foster Care. Sharon’s family is a modern day “His, Mine, Ours, and Theirs”; and yet, they are so tightly-knit, that those who don’t know their story have no idea this is the case.  Children are Sharon’s great passion in life, and hers have taken her to the highest peaks of joy to the depths of despair and back again. Through it all, Sharon remains adamantly convinced that her destiny is to love and glorify the family she has built with her husband while simultaneously doing all she can to help each individual member discover their truest, most authentic, and best self.

Sharon works as an Account Manager for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in addition to teaching English to Chinese children as an independent contractor with VIPKid. Sharon attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Sharon and her husband DeWayne Smith live just outside New Orleans, LA with the three of their six children who still live at home (Ryan (29), DeWayne Jr. (25), Christopher (24), Emerald (18), Shayne (9), and Brooklyn (7)). Sharon is an avid reader who writes fiction, short essays, and poetry in her spare time. She and her family enjoy traveling, beaches, water sports, and board games.