Tamara M. Watkins: “Black Women, Depression and Suicide: It’s time to Heal.”

Meet Tamara

Tamara M. Watkins is a working professional, published author and artist.  She grew up in a house with four generations of women including herself and these women gave her the foundation to bloom and grow, no matter the circumstances.  Like with all life journeys Tamara has had her ups and downs as well as bouts with depression, suicide and anxiety.  Instead of these issues defining her, she was able to grow through these setbacks with the help of God, a good therapist, creative gifts and sistah- friends who still hold her accountable for her actions.  Tamara knows she is not the only person who deals with these issues on a daily basis, and believes that through sharing her story, she will give voice and permission for others, especially black women, to do the same. 

“Black Women, Depression and Suicide: It’s time to Heal.”

The purpose of this 45 minute, interactive, roundtable discussion is to bring awareness about depression and suicide amount Black Women, along with ways to deal with depression and suicide prevention.  In this session the speaker will share her story, and make room for others to do the same.


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