Ronika Gillon and Telicia McGee: "Embracing YOUniqueness: Be Your Own Ambassador"

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Meet Ronika

Ronika Gillon is a Millennial Leader and Entrepreneur, devoted to transforming corporate culture and leadership by educating and empowering women on the importance of development and self-confidence. She is dedicated to empowering women to embrace their uniqueness and fully take charge and manage their careers. She believes in life once you embrace your uniqueness you are an unstoppable force. She teaches women to turn those so called negative traits into positive bold moves by slaying their way to success. She is the Fearless Strategist & CEO of Distant Consulting LLC and Business Development & Creative Director of LLR2 Enterprises and she has served as Personal Assistant and Ambassador to Aprille Franks for Spark and Hustle 2018d spoken at CEOMOM Mom’s Making Moves Summit 2018, Wells Fargo Black & African American Connection, YWCA, STLCC, ESTLCC and more.

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Meet Telicia

Telicia McGee is an Entrepreneur and CEO of Eloquent Expressions LLC. For the past 4 years she has mentored and tutored in the SLPS, inspired youth at the annual Girl Boss convention for Mathew Dickies Boys and Girls Club and serves as club coach for Toastmaster International at large corporations such as BJC and Wells Fargo. She builds leaders for the development of their communication skills and enhance leadership responsibility. She is a motivational speaker that embraces change, reinvention, perseverance, and the renewing of your mind despite challenges and your haters.

“Embracing YOUniqueness: Be Your Own Ambassador”

This presentations purpose is to help black women in corporate America redefine those negative stereotypes placed on us by being our own ambassador. I will tell my story of navigating through the white male dominated finance and accounting industry and overcoming fears, challenges, stereotypes and more by being my own ambassador and staying focused on my vision. Being an ambassador for yourself involves discovering your youniqueness. I will go over common negativeness associated with black women found from research and surveys and examine the positive traits that outweigh the negativity which allows for you to be an ambassador for yourself when no one else will. We will create a vision of what you’re doing today versus future steps that will catapult you to the next ambassador phase in life. 

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