Nicole Powell: "Womb Trauma"

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Meet Nicole

Nikki Powell is a sacred sex coach, sex worker, and, sexual health advocate. As of March 2019's “The Play Party,” a sex-positive party impresario. Nikki takes on a revolutionary 21st century approach to sexuality, sexual health, and manifestation. She’s worked in the general healing arts for the last two years, with a forever evolving career.

Relationships and human sexuality for Nikki are never just black and white, just like people, and the more we recognize and accept our diversity, the closer we get to living a life of abundance in all aspects.

Struggles in Nikki’s own personal sex life lead her to explore different tantric techniques and the world of womb trauma. She has since started a popular Facebook group called  #PussyTrauma which gives specifically African American women a voice to speak their trauma, shame, and guilt. Not only that, it’s a safe space to address any sexual needs, wants and desires.

Nikki is an ambassador and Sexual Health Advocate for Same Day STD Testing which is the Nation’s #1 STD/STI testing company. Helping individuals across the nation receive private, and fast testing without fearing judgement from themselves or others.

In her new podcast Sexpectations Nikki discusses taboo sexual topics, and ways to explore your sexuality outside of cultural and societal norms.

Womb Trauma

The Sacred Womb is the Gateway to all Gateways. Often times we (African American Women) neglect our womb at the benefit of others and detriment of ourselves. Neglecting our womb brings upon unnecessary physical and mental pain such as, infertility, heavy menstrual bleeding, fibroid, tumors, ext. It's time we reawaken the knowledge within women's consciousness that we have the innate, natural ability to heal ourselves as well as our "womb trauma." We spark the conversation on rape, molestation, abortion, childbirth and the many other traumatic experiences that set us so far apart from our natural being. The cycle ends today.

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