Melissa Douglass: "Defining my Line: Creating & Enforcing Healthy Boundaries"

Meet Melissa

Melissa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider. She researched tele-mental health extensively and believes her success with completely online platforms continues to show the need for flexibility and accessibility when accessing services. To date, Melissa has shared her knowledge on the subject with platforms such as NPR,, the National Association of Social Workers, and various conferences and trainings. Melissa is passionate about self care, normalizing mental health, and is an advocate for community-based wellness education. Her goal is to continue to merge mental health care and technology for wellness and solutions.

"Defining my Line: Creating & Enforcing Healthy Boundaries"

This empowering workshop will take participants through an affirming journey as they define boundaries, identify when they are needed, face past norms/traumas that may have kept them in unhealthy cycles, and explore the skills needed to create and enforce new standards. Participants will give themselves permission to tend to this most underrated form of self care and create a plan to no longer allow their line to be moved.

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