MamaNov: "WhiteWashed: Ivy League Trauma Edition"

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Meet Novah AliEl

As a young girl Novah AliEl, a.k.a MamaNov, always knew that she was called to be a healer. Growing up with her roots in Kinloch, the first incorporated African-American community in Missouri, while being home schooled, MamaNov was free to be herself without judgement. However, being placed in an all white school in high school was such a huge culture shock for her. Luckily MamaNov took her experiences and turned them into lessons. After high school she went on to get three Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s in Professional Counseling. At the age of 24, she now owns three different businesses that cater to the holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit of the brown wombman and her family.

“WhiteWashed: Ivy League Trauma Edition”

There is a famous meme by an unknown author that reads, “I may be ghetto at heart, but my customer service voice went to HARVARD!” We joke about this because of its accuracy but every day we wake up and we are told by society that it is not ok to be who we truly are. Living a lifestyle that is not your own can cause depression, withdrawal, aggression, and many other unwanted emotions. In this interactive workshop, I want to talk to you about learning how to live in your truth and do it confidently, encompassing every bit of black magic you carry in and around you; while also using your gifts and your experiences to move from business worker to business owner, maximizing your profits, and controlling your emotions. There’s power in your thoughts; Let’s change them! 

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