Jas Thomas: "Black Girl Goals in a White Man's World"


Meet Jas Thomas

Jas Thomas is a community leader and entrepreneur who is dedicated to being the change agent for girls worldwide. She started Girls With Goals in 2015, after noticing the lack of positive images of women of color. Jas started the movement as a way to promote and celebrate women who were doing the opposite of what she saw in the media. She uses Girls With Goals as a platform to display her boldness and concern for her community as she creates empowering spaces for women to connect and gain the tools and resources needed to to reach their biggest goals.

"Black Girl Goals in a White Man's World"

While sharing the narrative of a black woman discovering her purpose while working in corporate America, this conversation addresses  the stigma of black women in the workplace. Highlighting major keys to focus your views and reach your goals in the midst of adversity.

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