Diana Smith, M.A.: "Be a Business"

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Meet Diana

Diana Smith M.A. is an Educator at Maryville University in Saint Louis, MO teaching Business Communications. She is the founder of a community called Unto The Whirlwind dedicated to personal development, self-improvement and self-care. Smith blogs about these concepts through storytelling and self-help applications.  Smith has honed in on her creative and leadership skills since she was a small child and at 30 found her purpose to be a writer. Smith is the owner of a branding agency by the name of Washington Jett LLC and she serves as the Chief Executive Creative.   Self-proclaimed she is a creative problem solver and her career cycle has consisted of sales & Marketing in a variety of industries including cosmetics. Smith has recently stepped into an awakening to “Value herself & become unstuck”. She believes in autonomy for her students, transparency for her community and her clients. All while reigning as a single mother of her 10 year old son.

“Be a Business”

"Be a Business" explores how companies are successful and this presentation teaches business concepts and implores you to apply them directly to your life. We discuss our environments, factors of production that are important to an individual and we develop a foundation for our lives which immediately follows with assessing ourselves thoroughly and bravely representing the person you wish to be."Be A Business" provides tools to achieve audacious dreams. Businesses are not mandated to social responsibility but as an individual you must know where you stand. "Be a Business" boldly states: We are not the exception.

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