Devon Moody-Graham: "CEOMom: Delayed, Not Denied."

Meet Devon

Devon Moody-Graham, MBA is a wife, mother, community leader and Urban Business Strategist with over 10 years of experience. I’m going to setup dedicated to seeing a positive shift in small business and economic development through entrepreneurship in underserved communities. She’s the Chief Solutions Officer of CEOMom a business empowerment platform for mothers that aspire to start businesses and develop professionally. She works to see mothers DO more, GET more and BE more than they could ever imagine.

She is also the Founder of The Biz Spot Community, a non-profit that she’s worked with over 12,000 youth and young adults in entrepreneur, technology, and Professional training.

In short, Devon shows up for people. Over the last decade as a business owner, mentor, and community leader she has been nationally, regionally and locally recognized for her passion and dedication to creating solutions that impact others.

:”CEOMom: Delayed, Not Denied.."

This presentation is an explanation of the barriers to entry for black mothers wanting to pursue non-traditional careers in entrepreneurship. I will briefly discuss my journey as a mother and business owners, my challenges, what I learned and how I was able to overcome and help other mothers overcome the fear of moving in purpose while being a mother. I will discuss topics from my book, The Procrastinator's Guide to Purpose, discuss and collect research on identified barriers to success i.e. lack of childcare, mediocre grant funded programs, resource exclusion, etc. We will complete a Purpose planning handout and participants will be given next steps to make sure that their dreams are not Denied. Both mothers and non-mothers are welcome to join.

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