Dalychia Saah: "S[KIN]: A PoC Space for Platonic Touch"

Meet Dalychia

Dalychia Saah is an professor, writer, sex educator, and the co-founder of Afrosexology. Through Afrosexology, Dalychia has created space for thousands of people of color to reclaim their sexuality. Dalychia believes that systematic forms of oppression can be overthrown by a reclamation of intra- and interpersonal power. She is a lecturer at the Brown School of Social Work, where she teaches courses in social theory, social justice, and sexuality. Dalychia’s work and words have been featured in HuffPost, Vibe Magazine, Playboy, TeenVogue, Glamour Magazine, Allure Magazine, and others.

"S[KIN]: A PoC Space for Platonic Touch"

Skin Hunger is the reaction to a lack of meaningful physical connection with another human being(s).  We live in a society that sexualizes all forms of touch, limiting the amount of platonic touch we are allowed to experience. Various studies have proven the healing power of touch and highlight what it means to be in a touch-deprived society, as well as how this deprivation can impact sociability, communication skills, emotion regulation, personal development, etc. This makes it difficult for us to ask for what we want, receive rejection, explore our experiences and narratives with touch, etc. Tackling all these issues, this workshop addresses various concerns, culminating with participants voluntarily partaking in a safe space for people of color to come and hug, cuddle and practice developing platonic intimacy.

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