Catherine Nkonge: “Own Your Career Journey: Don’t Leave It To Chance"


Meet Catherine Nkonge

I am a career counselor/coach and owner of Hazina Career Services.  My educational background is in social work and counseling. For my Master’s in Education I specialized in career counseling and coaching.  For the past six plus years I have worked with career professionals to help them figure out and strategize how to successfully address their career concerns.

I specialize in individual career counseling/coaching, workshop facilitation for youth & career professionals, resume development, job search strategies, career assessment, interview preparation, utilizing social media for career growth, utilizing innovative career resource tools and working with people from diverse backgrounds.

My goal at Hazina Career Services is to help career professionals experience a fulfilling and meaningful career life by addressing the concerns that hinder from doing so. Experience, Passion, Excellence drive what I love to do - equipping clients with the knowledge, insight, skills, and tools to successfully tackle their career concerns and goals

"Own Your Career Journey: Don’t Leave It To Chance"

Too often we leave our career journey to chance or the powers that be and hope it all turns out right. In this workshop you will learn you can and need to tcathake an active role in planning and directing your career journey. Through interactive activities you will assess where you in your career, initiate identifying and developing your professional growth goal and what you need to do, to intentionally, take an active role in your career journey and success. The goal of the workshop is to help you develop a vision for your professional growth and what you can do to realize it.

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