Candice Cox: "Getting RAW (Realize, Admit, Work) with You"


Meet Candice

When Candice Cox, LCSW founded the 501c3 organization K.H.A.O.S in 2013 she could only dream of what it is now becoming. Candice’s unique approach is to encourage individuals to Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles (K.H.A.O.S), and that Mental Wellness is D.O.P.E. Candice understands the effects of toxic and traumatic stress because they are all things she's had to overcome and this is why she's able to teach others how to use set coping skills that will keep them from a life of CHAOS. Candice’s goal is to assist individuals with overcoming barriers that prevent them from living out their purpose. Candice believes all individuals are experts regarding their own lives and often only need a little support to reach their goals.  It is her hope that everyone the organization touches will have the ability to live a life of K.H.A.O.S

"Getting RAW (Realize, Admit, Work) with You"

Life happens to us all but that doesn’t mean life has to stop. We all have the ability to create new normals as we Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles! During this workshop we will learn how to Realize our barriers. Admit our roles, and Work through them as we address toxic and traumatic stress in our lives. Lets heal and grow together!

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