Amber Bell-Christian

Amber Bell Christian pic.png

Amber Bell-Christian has experience planning, implementing, and leading educational programs for both, formal and informal institutions. She is a co-founder of The Crooked Room Conferences and has led entrepreneurial incubator programs that focus on racial equality and quality education in the St. Louis region. She has experience building community partnerships between universities and non-profits, using anchor institution strategies to build lasting relationships. Amber serves on advisory committees for multiple, local public schools and volunteers for non-profits that serve low-economic and under-represented communities. In 2017, Amber implemented the Imagine Science Program in St. Louis; an unprecedented partnership between four of the leading, national youth-serving organizations to bridge the STEM gap for historically under-represented youth. Amber joined Missouri Institute for Mental Health in November 2018 and works as the Overdose Prevention Support Specialist on the Missouri Opioid - State Opioid Response grant. She’s currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Educational Practice and Social Justice through the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her research explores themes and remedies surrounding microaggressive behaviors experienced by Black Women in the workplace.